ENDYZ 'F.A.R.T' Team!


endys_team_1  MEET 'The Team' 


HI ENDY readers!

Thanks for taking time in checking us out. We really appreciate it!

Let us introduce ourselves.........

We are part of ENDYS "Fix and Repair Team"



aka;  F.A.R.T



We can 'Fix' most products which our Boss, Mr. ENDY, buys.

Plus, when Mr. E is in a really good mood  he even lets us answer the 'ENDY Telephone'.

Hush, hush.........and, when he's not looking, we get involved in the development of his very exciting  NEW WEB PAGES.........shhhhhhhhh.........we didn't say that.........


"Who can fix it ?"

Ha !! I bet WE  can!




      endy_upmeerkat_01 MISTER "UP-MEERKAT"



We have a new member on "The Team".

Introducing.........Mister "Up-MeerKat".

He is new on 'The Firm' and is currently learning all about: "Grading" - the ENDY way!



The "F.A.R.T" Team are very experienced in many aspects within the Army Surplus Business.



          OUR Chief Repairer, "Babbit", now with well over 3 years' experience.


We love to Mend, Glue, Tape, Join, Sew and Repair plus, we also like to get involved with a whole host of other 'Technical' and 'Specialist' aspects of Mr. ENDYS Business.........

We work very hard and for very little "pennys", which is reflected, of course, in Mr. E's prices, so come on into  THE STORE  and see what we have been up to.

Best regards and have a nice day.

We love you all!

The "F.A.R.T" ("Fix and Repair") Team  


    endys_team_1_01 TEAM


The "F.A.R.T" Team L to R: Babbit (Chief Repairer), Barty, Hedge Friend (hiding in the middle of The Team),"TT", Bicey and Bluey.

Six of The Best in the Army Surplus business.........


Need SURPLUS?  We've got it SORTED!


Any farties, sorry, parties who may be offended in any way by our 'F.A.R.T TEAM' will need to put any complaints in writing and send them to:

Mr. R. Babbit I - ret'd for F.A.R.Ting too much

F.A.R.T Team leader

c/o The F.A.R.T Division

F.A.R.T House ( just behind F.A.R.T Manor)

F.A.R.T Lane,




FA1 2RT.

Thank you. And good luck.

Mr.E.N.D.Y (spelt F.A.R.T)

(PP  The F.A.R.T Team)