ENDYZ @ The Wilderness Gathering 2014.........




HI ENDY readers!



A very warm ENDY-welcome to our web page for the 'madness of ENDY' at this year's fantastic




                                    Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 119 WARM welcome


The 'Gathering is held at  BUSH FARM BISON CENTRE  in Wiltshire.


Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 91 THE FARM - subtle


                                               Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 92 THE WOODLANDS - tranquil


                                                                                           Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 101 THE BISON - natural


And, ummm, errrr, eeek, oh deer.........it's Little Brown Man!


                 Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 115  AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!


              Oh no, here comes mayhem! Let the battle commence.........


But seriously.........


The Wilderness Gathering is an absolute must for anybody with an interest in Bushcraft, wishing to learn more about Wilderness Living Skills, or simply wanting to enjoy the world outside of Tablets, i-Phones and Computers!

Or "Confusers", as  MISTER F  would say!

And it's just great for the Kidz too!

Just ask any of my troops.........


                                 Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 116 NUFF said!


Okay, now grab yourself a beer or nice cup of tea, sit back in your chair - not too far or you'll fall off and feel like you've wet your pants and probably electrocute yourself at the same time! - and enjoy this year's installment of ENDYZ @ the Wilderness Gathering - 2014........


Van hired. Check

Stock prepped. Check.

Customer pre-orders picked. Check

SPARKLES  aka 'Bartles' to nanny's for safe keeping. Check!


                                      Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 111 SPARK plug


After loading our van with WG-Kit on the Wednesday, we headed off to Wiltshire early Thursday morning and arrived on-site for our 4th WG shortly after 07:00hrs with two of the ENDY-Kidz, Sofia and 'Badge-E-Man' aka Isaac, in-tow as my little ENDY-Elves!


                                      Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 6 VAN (nearly) full of ENDY-Kit



The ENDY-Kidz worked late into Wednesday night beavering away making our new Signage......... 



  Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 26 NEW signs! 



                             Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 27 NUMBER 1!! 



                                                             Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 28 WHAT we do



                                                                                        Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 29  WHERE we are


As you can see, I've bred some pretty good artists!

Cheap too!


On site.........


We unpacked the van and started to assemble our Military Tent.




  Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 7 MRS E setting up Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 8 NEARLY there


This year was to be a little different for the ENDY-Tribe.

Mrs.E. who'd previously stopped over at the local  RITZ  'otel, sorry, Trubble Lodge, errr, I mean Travel Lodge (!), was going to experience her first real 'camping' adventure.

After persuading Mrs.E. back in February that the local Army Surplus Store does not sell 'blow-up 5* Hotels' she decided to give in.........via a compromise.........and 'ruff it a bit.........


I'd ordered a family-sized Tent from our friends up at  HIGHLANDER  so we'd all be together with some creature-comforts!  


So far, so good.........


                          Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 9 LAST boxes of Kit being unpacked


In between the rain showers of Thursday we had all our Kit set out and ready to trade.........



With a little apprehension (fear of the unknown.........?) Mrs E worked her stockings, sorry, socks off, to help get us underway.


                                               suspending STOCKINGS. Worked off. Very soxy!




But no fear as all was good. This is the WG after all!


A fantastic mix of top-quality folk, with like-minded ideas covering a broad spectrum of interests and willing to share in their knowledge and experiences. 



            Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 72 ENDYZ is Open for (some monkey) business!!


First full day.........


We awoke on Friday morning to bright sunshine and were treated to a Hot Air Balloon passing over.

The Balloon was also beeing 'buzzed' by a Para Glider just below.

Terrific start to the day!


Just another  98 TO GO


                Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 38 HOT air!  Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 39 IN the distance



With a massive variety of Kit available, our 4th year at the WG was about to exceed our very best of expectations with up to 40 people milling around the ENDY stall at any one time!



       Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 12  Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 25 PILING in 



             Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 106  PILES  of Kit - please don't click that link.........nooooooooo!



Some top bargains were our Para Cord deals and our  CUPS  for 10p each plus a fantastic B.O.G.O.F deal.........and then, to top that, Mister.E. flipped a coin with the customer for a chance to get their money back!! Now that is  ENDY-madness. But great fun!

Plus we had  SWEDISH SMOCKS  from just a Tenner   WOOL BLANKETS  from £4  SLEEP MATS  from £3  RUCKSACKS  Brit Infantry/'90 Patt. from £25 with free  SIDE POUCHES  to those who'd pre booked with us!

THESE  went well too! Still available - while promo stocks last.........


and for some L.B.M news......... 


              Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 21 FATHER and Son. And L.B.M!  


                                         Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 83 WE seek him here.........


As one would expect, our very own Little Brown Man (L.B.M) was up to all sorts of mischief again this year. He managed to get into the pockets of some of our customers plus L.B.M was seen posing with some of his many fans!

Oh dear L.B.M, just what are we going to do with you?




 WE seek him there.........Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 95 That L.B.M. Gets everywhere.........


 Okay, forward on.........


We had our  WOOL DIVISION  samples with us, with all items selling out by the Sunday afternoon, plus many orders placed for our  CHANTAL  to start making!


The first sale was to (Tinky) Pete (Hi Pete!) who managed to get some overtime out of me by purchasing one of our  UNIVERSALS  well after we'd (officially :o) closed for the day.

In fact, the transaction was done at the Man Crèche!!

Pete pretty much lived in his new purchase for the rest of the 'Gathering.

Great stuff!



  Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 10 PETE (Tinky-type!)  in his Universal-FS


Another rather happy ENDY-customer went away with one of our  HUB-ALPHA'S


                            Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 75 THAT'S 'andy.........suits you Sir!


It was great to have customers come up to Mister.E. and offer their hand, and say it's great to see us, and that many are our regular 'Mail order' customers who were making themselves known. Cool!


                                                          Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 67 CUSTOMER spotting!


Our good friend  JON MAC  and his partner Sarah (#*~*~*@ ← long story, best not shared!!) were again in attendance. 


           Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 103 JON demonstrating  


Jon was set up in the Craft Field, which was pretty busy with a fantastic turn out.

So many interesting people at the WG.........         


Competition time.........


We ran our incredibly popular Para Cord Hunt again this year.........



                             Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 53 FELIX with some of Mister E's Cord!


.........with over a dozen kidz hunting down our 50 hidden bundles of Cord.........


                          Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 52 ON the run.........


The winner retrieved 6 and had a great ENDY-prize!


            Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 55  Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 54 WINNERS!


We then did a "get Kev" version where I was brought to the ground in true 'rugby fashion' and was 'robbed' of all me cord! D'oh!


And then we had the Stocks!


 The Stocks, oh yes, the Stocks.........


     Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 108       Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 4 

                                        SPLAT!                                                                 WOW!


This was the first time we had these and even managed to get Roger (great show Rog!!) in for a soaking!


                                 Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 49 ROGER



                                                                              Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 46 ROGER in The Stocks. Oh yes!!


                                                                                                                        Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 47 ROGER. Again!


And yep, they got me too.........


                                                             Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 87 KEV in the Stocks.........



Meanwhile, back at ENDY Stores, 'someone' had stretched one of our  WHITE BALACLAVAS  over the 'ed of Warren.

I guess it was a good job he wasn't at a family planning session.........



                        Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 AN ENDY-alien! A very rare breed.........



Some interesting people.........



Chris the Cat introduced me to Martin who was running his 'Jerked Meats' stall.



                              Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 62 BANANA!!   


Martin had some yummy stuff.

Fruit Jerky, Kangaroo Jerky, Beef and Ale Jerky, Chilli Crickets. 

And then there was his Health and Safety information.........no sense of humour some people (!)


        Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 63 MARTIN 


                                                     Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 105 BEWARE. Tripping Hazard!  


OK, now here we have Trevor.

Trev was on hand to model one of our  GHILLIE HEAD DRESS  


Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 2 TREV - very bad hair day!


And then there was Caitlin and Ella.........


                    Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 74 C&E @ WG with L.B.M!



We had many regulars to the ENDY stand, with deffo 'stars of the show' being these two young ladies, Caitlin and Ella.

C&E are from  EBBW VALE  in Wales and had great fun at the ENDY stall.

Their mum and dad were struggling to keep them away!

They bought kit from our 'HMTC' range (similar to current British M-T.P) including Clothing, Hats and some super-cool Combat Waistcoats!



                                                           Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 14 TOYING with L.B.M.........


C&E spent some time playing with L.B.M and he ended up in their Combat Waistcoats.

Very naughty L.B.M!


ENDY Update: We have even had the family In-Store, post-WG, and they bought even more Kit :o) 

Breaking news.........Caitlin and Ella now have their very own ENDY Web-page, see  HERE  - now live, go see!


More ENDY-customers having a shop.........


                Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 85           PERUSING our wares        Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 20


There were a few strange sights to be had at the WG this year.........a  WILD BOAR  no-less.........going walk-a-bout.........


                               Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 61 ON show.........      

                                                                                Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 5 BOAR! Deffo not boar-ing at the WG!



 A little less boring.........


The ENDY-Kidz had an extra fiend, sorry, friend with them this year. Mel - AKA Lemony double-up-space -  who thoroughly enjoyed her first WG experience.

Unsure as to 'what it was all about' initially, but a fantastic time was reported back to Mister.E. so looks like Mel will be along again next year!

Good to have you Mel! 


                      Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 13 MEL



Meanwhile, the atmosphere changed. The red mist was forming. Tempers flared. Fights were breaking out.


And 'The Police' had to be called.........


Errrr, not really.........STING  wouldn't have been very happy!


                              Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 16 RELAXED! Chilled too.........


Our good friend, and WG veteran, Roley, was busy making a clay oven. He baked a delicious loaf of bread, plus had a fantastic Salmon cooking nearby too!

Salivating stuff indeed.........




 Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 17              Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 32 BREAD and salmon


Here we spotted a 'person' randomly trying on one of our  GAS MASKS   mmmmmmmmm, OK, interesting.........Ian, is that you?!


                                                   Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 19 LONESCOUT


We always have a great selection of  BALACLAVAS  at the WG, and this year was no exception.

Kidz just luv 'em.........



 Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 24       Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 31 BALACLAVAS. As worn by Robin Banks



 Basket weaving at  WYLDWOOD WILLOW  was always very busy with the ENDY-Kidz making some super items.



  Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 33 WYLDWOOD


                               Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 30 SARAH

                                                        Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 88 BASKET weaving


More 'Stocks' news.........


 Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 34 IN you go.........


                  Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 35 SPLAT! 


And yes, this IS a mum taking a pic of her daughter about to get splatted.........


                                           Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 57 DAUGHTER's gonna' get wet!


                                                                                  Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 45 MORE Sponge-Bobs!




Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 36 LOVE is in the wilderness.........?  


 And now for some 'Crèche News.........


          Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 42 MAN Crèche.........oh yes.........



DAVE BUDD  was also having a very busy time with a constant stream of people sharing in his skills and knowledge.

Dave is a total joy to watch in action.


Meanwhile, as the  SUN GOES DOWN .........  


.........at Dave's Man Crèche, the usual 'games' were about to commence with this, an old favourite, Dave's Puzzle Mug.  

A cup which 'leaks like a sieve' and will make you look rather silly unless you know how to use it.........very amusing!


       Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 43 FELIX and Badge-E-Man with the Budd Puzzle Mug


And this year at Man Crèche, a new set of 'rules'.........basically, what Dave says. Is gospel.



Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 44 @ BUDD Man Crèche


and some Cat News.........


Our good friend and absolute legend (!) Chris D - AKA  CHRIS THE CAT  - was back on form, and had an impromptu pre-50th Birthday celebration at Mr. Budds pad. 



       Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 3 IN anticipation. Present time.........


        Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 89 OPENING            Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 90 HAPPY bunny



Dave gave his very own Knife to Chris. Wow.

Top man is Dave Budd. Sharp too!

I do believe I saw 'The Cat' with a tear in his eye.........or, of course, he may have had a fly in there......... 



                                                                   Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 41 DAVE and Chris the Cat


                                                                                                   Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 37 EMBERS at Budds



One of the most popular attractions to WG-2014 was Prehistoric Survival Expert  WILL LORD  



   Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 51 WILL Lord            Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 50 PREHISTORIC Survival



And it was great to catch up with many of our 'regulars' including the guys from  WILDERNESS SURVIVAL SKILLS 

Always great to be around. And good customers to-boot!


                                                            Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 56 WSS crew






                                             Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 59 BUSHCRAFT Magazine


The kidz were busy watching some prep-skills with a rabbit for the pot.


                              Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 60 RABBIT prep - not such a happy bunny!



There was plenty of good food to be had too.........including some super-yummy Pancakes from Suzettes.........


 Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 64 YUMMY!


 And the Kidz.........(deffo not good eatin' o:)


  Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 66 HAVING fun!


                                                               Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 68 NOW, should I go to the WG again next year or not? 





                                               Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 65 MORE customer spotting!



We were privileged this year to have our Main-field pitch next door to the lads from the highly respected


Headed up by founder and chief instructor Patrick McGlinchey. Patrick has a wealth of knowledge and Mister.E. appreciated time with him and his team. I certainly enjoyed his 'living in a box' analogy!

Good stuff indeed.




                       Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 81 BACKWOODS


                                       Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 70 THE lads. With me on the right - and I'm 6' 2". Honest!


                                 For Patrick: Look what I found    Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 110 Long story!!


With very brisk business throughout the show, we'd done some great deals with our total 'take' a massive £112.97, so a huge "ENDY Thank-you" to all those who shared their coinage with us! 

We appreciate your business.

Meanwhile, the ENDY-Kidz were selling their Loom Bands with a free set of Dog Tags courtesy of Mister.E!

Well done guys!


Right folks, we're nearly at the end of our WG feature for this year (I really need to go to bed.........) so just time for a few "Thank yous" to our extra helpers in loading up our van at close of business on the Sunday:

Chris (The Cat!) and his two kittens, Astrid and Felix, plus (Tinky) Pete (who put our 12x12 (feet not inches!) tent away in around 49 seconds!



Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 96 KITTEN Astrid    Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 102 KITTEN Felix    



Plus, best friend to the ENDY-Kidz Mel - aka Lemony double-up-space - and not forgetting the ENDY Kidz themselves!


                           Pic©MAC   Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 112 THE E-Kidz with Mel



Thanks guys!

Oh, and Mrs.E.........thank you darling for all of your help and I'm so pleased your first WG-camp was enjoyed sooooooooo much! 


Back next year?? "You bet........." - quote from Mrs E!



And last, but no-ways least, a massive, read massive 'shout-out'  to Roger and his team for organising this exciting, family-friendly, fun-filled event!

Good job Sir. 






                             Pic©MAC Wilderness Gathering 08 2014 12 113



                      Take care and see you all NEXT YEAR!!