• GRADING:  EVERY Surplus item we sell goes through a minimum  5-point quality check  before going on sale. If a fault is found, we generally have the facility to fix it. That's why one of our motto's is "Need SURPLUS ? We've got it SORTED !! "     
  • Most budgets are catered for:
  • 'GRADE 2' : Well worn / fabric-blemished /  and / or repaired as necessary but still fully serviceable.

  • 'GRADE 1' : All round good order with strong colour - typically 75% of wear still remaining. May have small repairs (product dependent) and / or with light fabric-blemishing.

  • 'SUPER-GRADE' : Re issue condition / top-notch / best you can get Surplus.

  • 'BRAND NEW' : Generally selling for approx. half of their real 'worth'.


     N.B We also have a highly detailed 'split grading' policy.

     i.e If an Item is 'in between' Grades. For example,  a 'Grade 1' may qualify as a Grade "1+".