ENDYZ @ The Wilderness Gathering 2014.........FREE DOG TAGS for the Kidz.........
Sunday, 10 August 2014 10:02

THAT'S right ENDY peeps, us ENDY-Kidz have done a deal with Mister E. aka Dad!

(Well, we stitched him up actually, but pleeeeeeeese don't tell him ;o)


                        WG-11 4 FREE Dog Tags from our dad!


                    Accs Dog Tags1 FREE 'Tags plus a coloured set of silencers!


We have been very busy making a quantity of ENDY-Kidz Loom Bands, in various Camo guises, for this  years  WILDERNESS GATHERING


                                     WG-12 Loom Bands LOOMY.........


As a great WG-2014 offer, Mister. E will give you a set of our fab   FREE DOG TAGS!   absolutely free of charge.........


                                  WG-12 Loom Bands 1 BANDS!



OK, what's the catch?

Well, all you have to do is buy a fabby ENDY-Kidz Loom Band (in camo colours obviously!) from us ENDY-Kidz to qualify!


                              WG-12 Loom Bands 3 SUPER-cool!


In a nutshell:


Simply purchase an ENDY-Kidz Loom Band from any of us ENDY-Kidz for just £1.50 and Mister.E. will back this up with a FREE set of Dog Tags worth £1.95!


Note: Kidz under 16 qualify only. Dad says the parents must buy their own!!