Brand new web site, exciting details & developments.........
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16-06-2015 @ 16:22hrs:


Pssst! I've just snuck in past the endy security guys and have managed to take some pics of the new webby thing for you, don't tell you go ;o)

(OMG, I'm so excited, I've just wet meself - must dash)   


              New web site     New web site 1 

                   New web site 2    New web site 4 

                                                            secret new web shots 


The countdown has begun.........ok, more updates for you! Loads more pages on to the new site (sneak preview soon, promise!) Steve has added lots of stuff to keep you all occupied and L.B.M is doing his bit too!

L.B.M reporting.........endy and on site.........

Ok endy readers, I think you've been very patient in waiting for news on our brand new web site - so here goes;

Well, the word is that mister e and his team have been very busy behind the scenes on this new venture and are, by all accounts very, very pleased with the way it's going!

Mister e has employed (eeek!) a professional web developer and photographer and his good friend MJ is project managing.

We now have a library of over 1,000 pictures ready for the new site. I, of course, will be the star of the show and here is one of my snaps.........


WWW3 L.B.M here I am posing with some light sticks!


The new 'site is well under construction with around 500 pages already created.

Mister e has promised to be less regimented in his descriptions and wording, so where he used to say "HEADWEAR: Hat. Watch. Wool. Olive" he'll now be saying something like "hello endy readers, and here we have a lovely soft and fluffy wool watch hat in a nice olive green flavour".........


                     WWW3 L.B.M 4 me with a poncho!


OK, I may have just exaggerated that a little but you get the idea!

I'm helping mister e on the site all day today so I'll try and get some sneaky snaps of work-in-progress for you.

Do call back soon for more updates. I'll date and time what's going on, and you'll find any 'hot-off-the-press' info at the top of this bulletin.

Bye, buy!