l.b.m HELLO !!

Hi ENDY Folk !!

My name is "Little Brown Man" (L.B.M) and I'd like to offer you a very warm welcome to "ENDYS" New-look Store.

                        warm_welcome WARM welcome

I'm one of Mister E's famous side-kicks and have worked for 'the firm' for several years and have lots of fun, as do all of ENDYS Staff !!

Mr.E  and the  F.A.R.T TEAM  recently spent 6 hard weeks developing our 'new look' Store, so here's a little overview of what we've done.........

  endy_store_tour_34 MAIN frontage

We have brand new Signs and window lettering along with some really eye-catching Blackboards advertising some of our wares. Plus, just to confuse, Mister E. has a board advertising food !!

Really gives us a laugh when people come in to order steak and chips.........naughty !!

   endy_store_tour_6 ENDY Madness !!

And sometimes we even offer a 'massage' service.........

                                           Tour the Store 4 MASSAGE services. Allegedly!

As you enter The Store you'll notice a bit of a 'Tardis' effect.

We have a good corner position on a busy crossroads. From the outside you'll see our Store with two windows and a door in the middle. Go through the door (opening it first, obviously !!) and you're in.........         

On entering ENDYS you'll find a large selection of basic Packs and Haversacks..........

 Tour the Store 3 PACKS, Bags etc.

Just to your right we have our T-Shirt-selection-racks and a ton of Boots !!

  endy_store_tour_40 BOOTS sample area

Moving further into The Store you'll see our Camping displays with Sleeping Bags and associated bits and pieces.

             endy_store_tour_65 VARIOUS Sleeping Bags in stock

.........we've generally a good pick of Sleeping Bags available, both selected Commercial lines and Genuine Military 'Bags can be seen.

We give excellent advice on choosing.........

         endy_store_tour_68 L.B.M in ENDY Sleep Mat !!

      endy_store_tour_1 SELF-Serve Mess Tins, Cook Sets etc.........

Then you'll notice our striking display of the incredibly popular Shemaghs.

endy_store_tour_28 SHEMAGH display

Our  F.A.R.T TEAM  knocked-up some 'made-to-measure' shelving and racking to keep our Surplus Clothing in. It's all displayed logically in Size / Grade / Quality order etc.

Assistance is always on hand though, just in case you get stuck !!

Our main Surplus areas were created using Stirling board 'stained' to give a really cool 'Camo effect'.

  endy_store_tour_20 CLOTHING racks

Let our experience guide you.........

                             endy_store_tour_2 INTO The Store

endy_store_tour_19 COMBATS

Combat Trousers have always been a big part of the ENDY-Business and we carry vast stocks of many styles. We buy from the U.K, Germany, Holland etc. Again, you'll find we're all logical with our systems.........smaller sizes on the left and bigger ones on the right !!

endy_store_tour_12 GLASTO !!

Occasionally, whilst perusing The Store, our In-Store Dog, Glasto, may make himself known. Don't panic (!!) as he's very well trained and will not lick or bite you under any circumstances. For one, Glasto is far too busy to bite anyone as his main job is to monitor the ENDY-C.C.T.V System;  plus, he has his own kennel to relax in. For all the juicy gossip on Glasto take a peek  HERE  !!

 endy_store_tour_15 ENDYS "CCTV" is watchin' !! 

Moving even further in, you'll see our display rack for Bivi Bags, Ponchos, Shelter Sheets and Poncho Liners.    

endy_store_tour_55 HUNG out.........Bivi Bags / Tarps and Ponchos etc. on display

We generally have a great selection of Bivi Bags and Poncho's etc. available with up to 10 types / styles of each normally on display.    

 endy_store_tour_29 CORNER of Store

Now for some Badges !!

In order to have all of our many  BADGES  (100's of 'em !!) displayed we have made a selection of swing-boards.

       endy_store_tour_42 'IRON-on' from £1.50

You can peruse at leisure and just point out anything you'd like to buy.

  endy_store_tour_30 PAULS 'Handy' work !!

All interior works are carried out by highly trained ENDY Staff. We never employ specialist shop display experts. Just look at Paul's "handy" work !!

 endy_store_tour_30c  IT takes two.........

  1. a mooch and a rummage  (within reason !!) is generally OK with us. 

  endy_store_tour_35 ENDY "Dump" Box

We've several 'dump-boxes' with mixed Pouches and Webbing pieces in. You're welcome to rummage through these. You may just find a bargain !!

  endy_store_tour_36 NOT @ ENDYS !!

                                                        endy_store_tour_27jpg VARIOUS designs. Great fun !!

We've recently added a great selection of wooden signs to our stocks with various Motifs and Military-oriented wording on.

  endy_store_tour_47pg AS it says.........

These make great displays or even a present for the one you love (or not :o) as the case may be !!

endy_store_tour_25 BADGE Display board

We've a massive selection of Badges available and now have most of them for easy-viewing on our new Swing-boards !! 

  endy_store_tour_43 PATCHES from a pound

.........and some Cam Netting.........one of our best sellers !!

  endy_store_tour_27  endy_store_tour_31

We sell acres of  CAM NETTING  and generally have plenty of stock 'to go' In-Store.

endy_store_tour_33 NETTING "To-go" !!

Lots of sizes to choose from plus you can take advantage of our special  CUT TO SIZE SERVICE  Just ask In-Store or ping us an  E-MAIL  with your requirements !!

            And some Gas Masks.........endy_store_tour_57

Here at ENDYS we carry a great selection of Gas Masks. Sold as "collectors items only" many are Un-Issued and are great for display purposes etc. You can see more of them in our  COLLECTORS ITEMS  section.

Paul has done us a really cool (and somewhat spooky !!) display of Gas Masks. They are located on the ceiling  (where else !!) of our Store secured against a metal mesh frame.........maybe it stops them escaping.........

       endy_store_tour_17 SCARY !!

We have recently added a second Changing Room to The Store to cater for the busy periods, particularly on a Saturday. The new one is just great. You can sit in it, but you can't shower or shave though !!

              endy_store_tour_58 SIT here

Decked out in some  SUPER-COVER  Netting and with a great seat built by our very own Mister E !!

You could spend hours in there. Oh, my word, some customers DO !!

   endy_store_tour_39 CHANGING Room. Fit for a King or Queen !!


And then there's the Bears.........

endy_store_tour_37 We have various random 'ENDY Bears' dotted around The Store. Tends to keep the Kidz entertained while the grown-ups shop.........or should that be the other way 'round !!

                endy_store_tour_51 MARINE Bear. Loves ENDYS. Check.

Next time you're In-Store get your Kidz to see how many Bears / Animals they can find !!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.........15, 16, 17.........23, 24, 25.........

     endy_store_tour_56 YOU may even spot the odd "Action Man".........or two !!

And for something really different ? Do check out our unique range of  ENDY EXTRAS

(Not for the faint-hearted !!)

endy_store_tour_4 KIDZ go crazy @ENDYS !!

    (there's a squirrel)  squirrel

In October 2010 we introduced a fantastic "Camo-for-Kidz" ("C-4-K") section. You'll find this located at the rear of the Store.

                             endy_store_tour_67 "C-4-K" THIS way !!                     

It contains some great lines including Jackets, Trousers, Tee-Shirts, Assault Vests and loads of other interesting kit including Helmets, Bags, Notebook Holders and Dog Tags etc. We can see this area of the business going from strength to strength. To see a selection of what we offer, check out our dedicated  "C-4-K" section over  HERE 

Father Christmas won't be long.........

endy_store_tour_59    endy_store_tour_60 KIDZ

The Kidz section is all racked out in a logical fashion. All stock is arranged in size / age-group order with 'smallest to biggest' going left to right. With Jackets and Tee-Shirts on the top racks and Trousers on the bottom. Clever stuff !!

 endy_store_tour_26.bjpg_01 GREAT display !!

In The Store you'll notice some really eye-catching and interesting pieces on shelves and generally hanging around. That reminds me, where exactly DID I put that Missile.........

Inter-mingled within The Store you may find batches of Clearance Items or what we call "G" or 'Graded' stock. Not to the usual ENDY-Standard but always 'priced to clear'. There's bargains galore at ENDYS Store !!

   endy_store_tour_41 GRADE 2 Mess Sets. German

 endy_store_tour_31c RANDOM !!

Some more animals.........

Mr. Up-Meerkat is hanging around, just waiting for a customer to flog an Entrenching Tool to !!   

And for some Hardware......... 

We love our  AMMO BOX  selection and buy them by the pallet load.

  endy_store_tour_48g  AMMO Boxes

We always check the Quality and Condition, even the "inside" is checked and cleaned if needed, not that we're fussy or anything like that !!

endy_store_tour_49 NOT @ ENDYS !!

Here at ENDYS we have a very diverse customer base. We regularly have customers from all over the world visiting us !! We cater for basic  WORK WEAR to  MILITARY and  CADETS  Plus, in recent times, the general explosion from the BUSHCRAFT trade. We're on 'first-names-basis' with many !! Neil, Dave, Mike, Dan, John, Martin all come to mind.........and some ENDY-Customers even have their own Web-Page !! Cue  FENNA TIME  !!!!!!!!! 

We value all of your custom and have always offered a  FAIR PRICING POLICY 

Basically this means we take great care when we buy our Stock and pass any relevant 'discounts' on. These generally being pre-cluded into the pricing you'll see In-Store and on the Web-Site. We find this a far better approach than 'fooling you' with "big %-Discounts" which invariably come off a RRP (Recommended Retail Price) figure which, typically, is set 20% in the Shop-Keepers favour.

 endy_store_tour_5 PROPER prices

OK, off we go again.........

Introducing our "C-4-K" Manager, Mr. Dofey-Mo.........

  endy_store_tour_8 Hi !!

Dofey-Mo here !!  I've worked for Mr. E for quite some time now. It's great !!

I'd strongly advise that if any 'jobs'  (not Big-Jobs !!) come up you need  to work at ENDYS !!  My main (sausage) role is manager of the Kidz Department but I do like to get involved in other stuff too !!

As you can see in my pic, Mr.E. has fitted me up with some  COMBATS  and a very nice  BERET !!

He doesn't sell red wellys though, but he does have some cool  GREEN ONES  !!

  endy_store_tour_1c HEY, wake up !!

MISTER Up-MeerKat, you have  to wake up. We need to go to work or Mister E. is going to be very cross.

  endy_store_tour_38 RUCK Sacks


We've a great range generally available including fantastic value, well-sourced, quality Commercially made Stock plus our Surplus wares.

Patrol Packs, Resi' Cases and Bergens etc. etc. are generally available.

        endy_store_tour_2 CENTRE of our Store

A key part of our Business comes from serving Military personnel. We have a massive selection of all the 'bits and pieces' generally required.

  1. BUSH HATS  to  SPARE POUCHES  and  PARA CORD  and  extra  WATER BOTTLES  plus all the gear to help keep their Kit dry. All with prices at (typically) 10% to 25% below RRP.

              ENDY store upgrade mil 102012 4 P.P.P:  Pick, Point and Pay system

Again, we pride ourselves on our Personal Shopper Service. ENDY staff are always ready to serve, probably like no other Store in the City. You could just say that we're  "a little bit different" !!

Shop and Save (with Service) with ENDYS !!

      ENDY store upgrade mil 102012 MILITARY display

Forward on.........

Down through the middle of The Store you'll find quite a few boxes of Commercially-made  COMBAT TROUSERS

We have many styles to choose from. With Olive and Black the most popular. Plus, we have many Camo Patterns including the very popular  URBAN !!

Sizes across the styles can go anywhere from Kidz aged 3-4 all the way up to a massive 52" !!

  ENDY store upgrade mil 102012 1 IMPORT Combats

Our ground floor is the main sales area but we have multiple Stock Rooms which are all crammed full with Kit. So if you don't see what you are looking for always ask a member of the ENDY-Team.

We don't  bite_01  honest !!

Likewise, with the Web-Site, we have around 700 - 1,000 more lines / items than you'll find on here (GULP !!)

     endy_store_tour_1e ZZZZZZZZZ

OK, it's nearly the end of your ENDY-Tour and L.B.M is a little tired (ahhhhhhhhh) so lets get you on to the next section:

endy_store_tour_22jpg WATERPROOF selection

We have a great range of Water-Proof Clothing. From basic P.U-Coated, sweaty, non-breathing Kit through to great value Breathable / Waterproof (M.V.P's etc). We cater for most budgets so always ask for some advice if you are unsure on any purchase.

 endy_store_tour_13 ENDYS Store. I love it. You can s?it  anywhere !!

We are predominately a retail Store but we're more than happy to Mail-Order you some of our Kit.


  "HELLO, Endys ? L.B.M here, have you got any little Trousers"

Simply ring The Store and speak to a member of staff who will guide you through. Subject to availability etc. items are generally  dispatched the same day.

   endy_store_tour_1jpg DUTCH Cap and No.2 Tie

We have a MASSIVE selection of Headwear and Hats and with over 200 types / styles to choose from we rarely say "no" to a customer !!

  endy_store_tour_70 KIT galore !!


HEY guys, no need to lose your heads. It's only ENDYS !!

 endy_store_tour_24jpg D'OH. We work flat-out for Mister E and look wot happens..........we're gonna' have a word with Health and Safety about this.........

OK, that's just about the end of your ENDY-Tour but if you have enjoyed (!) yourselves and would like to learn a bit more about us, do check out a great feature done by David Cornforth of  EXETER MEMORIES  

It's a super read and shows a little of our history and background going back more than 70 years and 3 generations !! 

You can learn all about the 'flares' the 'fire' and 'the fone'.

Oh, yes, the PHONE !!  (sorry Dad !! R.I.P xxxx)

For all the detail see  HERE

Thank you for coming on this little ENDY-Adventure with me.

If you have had a good experience do tell your friends. If not, tell  KEVIN !!

   kevendy KEV: Allegedly !!

"Thank you and goodbye".........

.........or, being ENDYS, should that be "good BUY" !!

Over and out.